Ned Kelly was a Faithful Catholic all of his days

Finally in January 2013 we have laid the bones of Ned Kelly to rest, however the St Patrick's Church parish priest Monsignor John White says he received offensive emails and calls when it emerged he was to conduct Ned's funeral.

However, Ned Kelly was a faithful Catholic all of his days, most writings never condemned Ned’s humanity and goodness.
As a boy, Ned risked his life to save another boy from drowning.  In attended School at Avenel and it was written of him, “Ned was a bright pupil and a very nice mannered and well-behaved boy at school.”

He was baptised by an Augustinian priest, Charles O’Hea who again met up with Ned when the young man was sent to Pentridge to serve part of his three-year sentence.  There O’Hea found goodness in Ned’s young character, Ned’s behaviour during his time at Pentridge was described as ‘good’.

At Jerilderie the Reverend Gribble told Kelly that he would like his watch back that was taken by Steve Hart, respectfully, Ned made Hart return the watch. Gribble asked Ned for the return of a racing mare belonging to the daughter of the proprietor of a Jerilderie hotel; the mare was immediately given back.  These are examples of Kelly’s respect for God’s servants.

Regarding the siege at Glenrowan Station, Reverend Gibney made the statement “I went to where Ned Kelly was lying, he was penitent and showed a very good disposition.  I asked him to pray, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on me,” he said it, and added, “It is not today I began to say that.”

In Melbourne gaol the Rev. Coles who met with Ned Kelly said that he was by no means a ruffian and that he had rather a pleasant expression of countenance.  Ned who heard Coles, preaching on “Prepare to meet your God”, stated, “I believe it all.  Although I have been bushranging, I have always believed that when I die I have a God to meet.”   Ned treated Coles with great respect and listened to all Coles had to say, and knelt down by Coles as he prayed.

Of Ned, Monsignor John White rightfully said, "Today, we're righting a wrong," and that it was not his, nor any Catholic's place, to judge Ned Kelly, as the ultimate judgment was God's alone.

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